Executive Coaching

Because of our 30-year history of assessing senior-level individuals, the Humint Executive Coaching process contributes deep insight into what success looks like and he kinds of behaviour most relevant to achieving success. Typically, we work closely with you for a 6 to 12-month period, meeting monthly in a safe, confidential setting that is conducive to openness.

What’s different about our coaching process is that we are known for our holistic processes in working with leaders to identify and enhance performance as well as developmental areas of leadership. We often find that leaders require support in both areas to varying degrees. We ensure that everyone we coach receives the benefit of both practical and deep expertise in performance coaching as well leadership support to help build confidence and executive presence on the developmental side.

Our process begins with a thorough intake and assessment process that moves to goal setting and commitment-making. Throughout our time together, coaches provide specific guidance in areas identified by candidates, sponsors and/or 360 feedback reviews. Developing effective measurements and attaining results is at the heart of all we do.