This is our expertise. We deliver a high degree of customized service, employ a systematic and rigorous approach, and offer the type of agility required in a rapidly changing environment. We understand that placing a candidate into a leadership role on your team is an important commitment, one that can seriously affect your short, medium and long-term performance and success.

Over the course of our history, we have placed many professionals
and leaders within complex and progressive institutions. As a consequence, we
have a highly developed understanding of the challenges that institutions face,
as well as the experience to creatively and effectively strategize in locating
superior candidates with the competencies required for every organization.

Cybersecurity Recruitment

A top concern for organizations in the cybersecurity field is finding and retaining talent with the right skills to keep their operations safe from the ever-increasing number of threats and risks.

However, cybersecurity is a practice that has branched out into numerous career paths, and it is increasingly difficult for organizations to pinpoint exactly which skills, abilities, background of expertise, capabilities, and certifications professionals will need to thrive in these jobs.

This is where Humint can help.

Humint is developing a proprietary Cybersecurity framework – informed by top specialists in the field – to:

  • Identify top talent
  • Assess their current profile against the job market’s needed profile
  • Enroll promising professionals in a mentoring program
  • Upscale mentees’ knowledge and competencies
  • Promote and support their professional placement
  • Follow-up on their performance

If your organization requires cybersecurity specialists, and needs help translating the right mix of education, capabilities, and backgrounds of expertise to complement your organization’s strengths and culture, connect with us. We will initiate a collaborative, co-operative relationship with you; engage in a rigorous consultation process; work to understand your organization’s needs, culture and goals; assess our candidate database; offer you a broad range of talented professionals; mentor them to ensure they are at the level they need to be to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the roles available in your organization; and follow-up with you on their performance.

Humint is also committed to delivering equal opportunities to minority and highly racialized groups, and we will continue to work towards closing the gender and diversity gaps.

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